Introducing the revolutionary

Bullet Resistant Under Garments

Research, development, innovation and a unexpected technology for your protection.

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Visual Experience

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Our Press Release

Here is a video we shot to show the endurance of our panel. It withstood 36 rounds from a .40 caliber gun

A new level of technology

Over the last year we have studied and tested various materials that would assist in accomplishing this feat. Armour wear has partnered with some of the leading companies and scientist in the fields of Carbon Nano Technology, Non Newtonian foam, and engineering and design.

Current Products Features and Benefits

Carbon Nano Tube Technology - Light Weight (less than a pound) - Anti-Microbial (Stops Odor, bacteria, mold and fungi) - Can go anywhere and is flexible 14in X 11in.


Different sizes for different applications

Bullet proof panels are available now in diferent sizes for many different possible applications.

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The design difference offers a thin and flexible alternative to traditional padding, our customers can say goodbye to uncomfortable, bulky proyection.

Security and Innovation

The result of this combination will be show to you soon in the most advance personal protection system ever seen.

Prototype Development

Concept, performance and vision, when we focus our product strong and potential suddenly does no limits, our comminment is improve in any aspect your personal security.

Get ready for many more...

A little history

Humans throughout recorded...

history have used various types of materials as body armor to protect themselves from injury in combat and other dangerous situations. The first protective clothing and shields were made from animal skins. As civilizations became more advanced, wooden shields and then metal shields came into use. Eventually, metal was also used as body armor, what we now refer to as the suit of armor associated with the knights of the Middle Ages. However, with the invention of firearms around 1500, metal body armor became ineffective. Then only real protection available against firearms were stone walls or natural barriers such as rocks, trees, and ditches.

The U.S. Patent and Trademark Office lists records dating back to 1919 for various designs of bullet proof vests and body armor type garments. One of the first documented instances where such a garment was demonstrated for use by law enforcement officers was detailed in the April 2, 1931 edition of the Washington, D.C., Evening Star, where a bullet proof vest was demonstrated to members of the Metropolitan Police Department.